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Rodney and Lizzie Pt. 1

Name: Rodney McWeir (yes. I named them McWeir.. *hides*)
Pictures: this is rodney dressed regular and this is Rodney in his work clothes
Occupation: Science -Project Leader
Relationships: He's in love with Lizzie but since he has a love ambition he wants to woohoo with 3 people, love 2 people at once and woohoo in public. When Lizzie isn't around he's hitting on this one woman. He's just friends with her right now.
Other info: Rodney has a drinking problem and is also very childish. He likes to jump on the couch. He also likes to play with paper airplanes in his boxers.

Name: Lizzie McWeir
Pictures: Lizzie and Lizzie in work clothes
Occupation: Military -Commander
Relationship: she's in love with Rodney, but like Rodney wants to woohoo and love other people.
Other info: Lizzie loves to stargaze, she also likes to remind Rodney about fixing the Naquadah generator and keeps asking him about when he was in his spacesuit on the space satellite

I'll begin their story later. i gotta redo their house.
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