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My Sims Part 5

Elizabeth's love life continues to be productive. She and John had public sex in a changing room. The nearby Sims cheered them on. John and Elizabeth were very happy, as it was an aspiration for both of them. Elizabeth had sex with Don (a Pleasantville Townie) in a changing room when the two were out together on a community lot. She also had sex with some other guy (Remio? or something) in her and John's room, which was a mistake because John came rushing upstairs and slapped her around. I guess they must've made a lot of noise. John was very upset, and it took some time to get him to be in love with her again. Elizabeth also was accidentally electrocuted when trying to fix the stupid dishwasher. At least she wasn't killed.

Radek (Rodney's alien baby) is very cute. Everyone loves him greatly. They always want to hold him, even when he's going to sleep, and Teyla and Elizabeth have some fixation on bathing him, even when he's clean. It's bizarre. But Radek's relationship with Rodney and Elizabeth is strongest, because Rodney is his father who teaches him stuff, and Elizabeth is just always there.

The day before Radek was due to become a child, Aiden threw a birthday party for him. He invited 6 people over. I set up a buffet, though I had to intiate most of them (using the Mind Control Mirror) to go eat, the stubborn bastards. They played pool, used the hookah, and talked. Lotsa fun omg. I also had some decorations and set out the birthday cake and champagne.

Then the main event happened - I had Elizabeth bring Radek to the cake. Close-up. Everyone gathered around to watch. Another view of the group. They began to celebrate at different times. Then Radek grew up into a toddler and was cuddled by Elizabeth.

After Radek aged, John tried to teach Radek to walk. This is a 288kb AVI of Radek falling down and John laughing at the KEWTNESS. Elizabeth and John made out, some of the guests went into the hot tub of love, and they returned to the pool and hookah. The party ended up being a hit.

Since Rodney's aspirations were to teach Radek to do everything, I figured he should be the one, not John. So, Rodney spent a lot of time with Radek and taught him to be potty-trained and how to walk. I made lots of screen caps of the walking part because it was so freaking adorable: Trying to Walk 1; Trying to Walk 2; Trying to Walk 3; and Eventual Success! Here's a 1.1M AVI of Radek walking. Rodney also taught Radek to talk. Here, Radek gains charisma by beating on a talking bunny head. Go figure.

I was bored and decided to redecorate everyone's bedrooms and the main rooms. I also replaced one of the TV rooms with a music room, and I formed a band with John on piano, Rodney on electric guitar, Elizabeth on bass, and Teyla on the drums. They were playing country. I sent Aiden to sleep because I forgot he had the next day off; usually, he goes to work really early. *sad* But I had a guitar there for him, so I'll see if I can have them play a song together, then make a video of it.

Both Teyla and Aiden continue to be promoted. It's fantastic. Teyla was promoted from TV ads to a Voice Actor, and now she's an actress whose names appear at the beginning credits, rather than at the very end. I forget what Aiden does- I think it's a desk job. But yes, quite nice for them. Promotions are super.

The Sims went to the community lots to talk to other Sims. Whilst there, John, Elizabeth, and Aiden bought MP3 players and handheld game devices, while Teyla and Rodney only bought the handheld game devices. (There were no more MP3 players available for some reason. Maybe later.) See this picture of Elizabeth dancing to her MP3 player. Anyway, John and Aiden played against each other. Afterwards, they gained crushes on each other. I have no idea why. (Update: This is a bug in the game. Playing handheld games against someone causes you to fall in love with them; if you play against yourself, you fall in love with yourself. Stupid bugs!) Then Aiden and Elizabeth played against one another, and afterwards, they got crushes on one another too. This turned out to be bad because one of John's aspirations was to flirt with Elizabeth. When he did so, Aiden came over and slapped John across the face. His daily relationship with Elizabeth and John both fell, and his overall relationship with John decreased 20 points =(

So, I decided Aiden needed to get his own girlfriend. His strongest NPC relationship was with Ivy (they were friends and best friends), so he invited her to a community lot. While there, Aiden kissed her, and they got crushes on one another. From there, it was only a few flirtations, kisses, make-outs, romantic hugs, and caresses until Aiden and Ivy had public sex in the changing room. (See Aiden post sex.) They were both very happy. Then, while in the clothing store, Aiden proposed to Ivy, and they became engaged. As with all Sims, they celebrated the time-honored tradition of post-engagement kicky bag.

I think I'm going to eventually move Aiden and Ivy into a house next door after they get married (which will be soon, so I can see how weddings work), and then Rodney, Teyla, and Radek out across the street once Radek becomes a child. Then Teyla and Rodney can concentrate on having more babies. (Also, Teyla keeps being attracted to John and thinking of him, and one of her aspirations was temporarily to flirt with Aiden.) However, I think Elizabeth and John might be lonely without them =/ Maybe I'll move some new Sims in with them.

Other Pictures: Elizabeth and Aiden play "Punch U Punch Me." Teyla kisses Radek after putting him in his crib.

More Videos: Teyla and John dance together (844kb), and Elizabeth and Aiden dance together (1.14 megs). Elizabeth tries to do a pool trick shot but fails (819kb).
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