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My Sims Part 6: John and Elizabeth's Wedding

Following Aiden's fall-out with both John and Elizabeth, I had Elizabeth and Aiden make-up. Unfortunately, I had them kiss, and they fell back in love. It was just a peck, the unromantic kiss, but since they were already kind of on the verge, I guess that just made their hormones go into overdrive again. *sigh* Anyway, after they returned home from an outing to a community lot, Aiden spontaneously hugged or kissed Elizabeth romantically... while John was there. John smacked Aiden in anger, as he was still in love with Aiden. Or maybe he was mad that Aiden was hitting on Elizabeth, his fiancee. Either way, it was bad, and I knew I had to separate everyone. (See the funny picture though. After John smacks Aiden, they both wave "hi" at each other.)

Aiden and Ivy got married, but without a ceremony. I didn't realize you needed to use the wedding arch for that. But after that, I knew, so I planned a wedding for Elizabeth and John. Elizabeth and John's wedding was rather big. I invited 8 guests, the maximum number allowed for a party, and there were also the five Atlantis characters, Ivy, baby Radek, the old nanny for Radek, the gardener, the bartender, and the housekeeper. My game went realllyyyy slowly. It's a bad idea having so many Sims on the lot at once. Everyone got gussied up. Here's John in his tuxedo and Liz in her wedding dress.

After I invited all the guests, I realized that John was still pissed with Elizabeth, so I tried to use the voodoo bottle (a hacked object) to make them fall back in love. This had the unfortunate side effect of making them not engaged anymore, and I still had to make them talk, kiss, and hug in the bathroom for a bit to make sure they were enough in love that I could get them engaged. Thankfully, they fell back in love. I then had John propose to Elizabeth, but she rejected him. Oops. He was upset, but then I had them kiss and talk more, and then he proposed again, and this time she accepted. Whee!

Meanwhile, the guests used the hookah, always a popular choice, and played pool.

Then came time for the ceremony itself. I took lots of pictures, omg. John and Elizabeth stood under the wedding arch. All the guests started to gather around. Then there was a cut scene where John and Elizabeth kiss, except I couldn't take pictures since it was an animated sequence. Anyway, they kiss and get married, woot. The first to applaud is, surprisingly, Remington, Elizabeth's illicit lover, the housekeeper. Then others join in. For some reason, Teyla looks confused. (Clap, damn you!)

But then Teyla goes to toast the newlyweds. Everyone goes to join. Aww, Aiden and Remington think of Elizabeth. John and Elizabeth join the toasting, too. They're about to sip.

After they drink, the guests clink their glasses, signaling the newlyweds to kiss. (Still clinking.) As prompted, John and Elizabeth smooch. Awwwww. But wait- uh oh. Aiden and Remington are pissed. They didn't seem to mind when Elizabeth and John married and kissed, but now they're upset and both lose their crushes on Elizabeth. Who understands the logic of Sims? In anger, Aiden hits the bride on her wedding day! Remington, on the other hand, dissolves into tears.

Next came the wedding cake cut! John cuts the cake (another angle) and gets a piece. He then feeds the newly sliced piece to Elizabeth in four pictures: Facing her, telling her to open wide, and tada, feeding her (same shot, pulled away). The cuteness! Afterwards, John and Elizabeth get their personal slices, while the guests do the same (here it's Aiden and the gardener).

In the reception, everyone eats cake or the buffet. Following food, the guests go back to playing pool or using the hookah. Darren Dreamer and Mortimer Goth, however, decide to boogie with one another. I found that picture funny.

After the wedding, the guests left, and the honeymoon limo came to whisk John and Elizabeth away for a few hours of debauch- err, romance. Upon their return, the two cuddle in the hot tub of love.

Random Pictures: Aiden works out, John jumps into Elizabeth's arms, and John talks (literally) about public sex to Elizabeth.

Next Time: Everyone Moves into their Own Place, and Radek Becomes a Child
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Shep, honey? Lizzie isn't buying the public sex idea.... Give it up. No public nookie.


*dies from the utter cuteness* Now, if only that would happen in the show...;)
<3<3 I wish! *loves them*