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Skins for the Atlanticas...


this is my first post here and I hope it doesn't get deleted... Normally I don't go around advertising stuff I made, but I thought this time it might be okay, since there aren't a lot of Stargate-clothes out there. (Or I've missed them.)

I've just created a McShep/Weir/Emmagan household for my Sims 2 game and I didn't want them to look too normal, so I gave SimRodney and SimJohn their beige/grey uniform and added Rodney's Genius shirt - it's not super-quality, but I think it looks quite okay. So, I'd like to share.

Here's a Pic.

You can find them here, I even made Rodney's uniform as a sports version.

That's all actually, I didn't have time to play with them yet, but I'll post piccies, once I can.

*goes off to read all the other stories here*

ETA: New links for the skins can be found here. Enjoy.
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