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The OT3 family! <3

Okay, I've actually made three households of Stargate sims so far, but have only played my OT3 house. I can't seem to tear myself away from them yet. I will play the other houses soon because I need to get some of those characters to meet the other characters.

Pictures and such are all !

First, let's meet my three families:

The Sgwun Family - Daniel, Samantha, Teal'c and Jack
The Atlantis Family - Teyla, Aiden and Carson
The O'Teethree Family - Elizabeth, John and Rodney

Now, I've been playing the O'Teethree (yes, OT3) family like crazy and they have been providing me with loads of entertaininment.

On their first day in the house, they get their first 3 visitors... Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson & Teal'c. Yes, Teal'c is wearing a Star Wars shirt. It amuses me.

Jack & Teal'c think the O'Teethree livingroom is a fantastic place to dance, as do>Daniel & Teal'c. I like to call this photo: Dance Party Stargate!

Here we see John discussing makeup with Dr. Daniel. They also discuss shoes and pretty hats but I don't have pictures of that.

It doesn't take long for John and Elizabeth to fall in teh love , and start doing things like this and this and this. And notice the complete stoicism of Jack as they do this and this on the couch next to him. Apparently whatever is on TV is extremely enthralling.

Now, the strangest thing has happened with my Elizabeth sim. She does NOT have the Romance Aspiration, she is actually a Knowledge Sim, but for some odd reason she has the hots for EVERYONE. As soon as she makes friends with a guy, all her 'wants' turn to "Flirt with ..." or "Kiss ..." or "WooHoo with ..." It has happened with both John and Rodney, which I'm okay with. And then she, without any direction from me, started crushing on Daniel and Teal'c. Nothing yet for Jack, but it's inevitable. Here she tears Rodney away from his telescope long enough to fall in love, and in this one, Daniel and Elizabeth get the wee cute lil' pink hearts. And yes, she's in maternity clothes, I'll get to that in a second.

Elizabeth and John are now having teh woohoo, and afterwards give each other the customary post-coital wave. Woohoo results in one thing... lots of morning sickness.

Another strange thing about Elizabeth Weir? She vomits... a lot. I had a sim in another family that had 4 babies, and she never threw up this much. I have six pictures of Elizabeth having morning sickness, and I didn't even catch 2 of the times. Yikes. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I totally gave up cleaning the toilet because as soon as it would get clean, she'd just vomit again. Yeesh.

The act of WooHoo also results in something nearly as tragic as spending all day throwing up... Really ugly maternity pajamas. REALLY ugly. But there is still cuteness to be had, as John plays peek-a-boo with the bun in the oven. The next night, Lizzie wakes up and ba-boom, she's as big as the house. Meanwhile, John dreams of Teal'c, which is only somewhat disturbing. Later that day, she walks around in her underwear and Rodney decides to break away from his telescope ... again ... to rub her belly.

After having an early morning snack, Lizzie goes into labor right there in the kitchen. The stork brings a bouncing baby boy, which John and Elizabeth name "Shatner". Yes, I said Shatner. Mother and child immediately bond, but John misses the entire thing because he's off to work just as Elizabeth is popping out the baby. She's quite happy to be a mom, isn't she? I do think it's hilarious that the bottle is bigger than the baby.

John comes home from work and makes up for lost time by being the cutest dad ever. He's also a whiz at changing diapers.

Strangely enough, Rodney is even cuter with Shatner than John is. See, cute! OMGCUTE! He also tucks Shatner in and thinks of how pretty his mom is while he does it. Awwwww.

Not even 24 hours afte Elizabeth gives birth to Shatner, her and Rodney WooHoo for the first time. (For some reason I failed to take pictures. Hah.) But, while she is putting Shatner down for a nap later, she gets sick ... AGAIN. Yes, Elizabeth is pregnant again, but this time it's with Rodney -- because he needs love too. And he was so cute with Shatner, I wanted to give him his own kid. Heh.

That's basically how I last left them. I have some more random pictures to share, but I'll do that in a separate post later. I really want to get Rodney abducted, but so far, it's a no go.
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