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My Sims Part 4: In Which Rodney has his Baby

Previously, on my Atlantis Sims, now with pictures
The five Lantis Sims- now adults- moved into a big house together.

Sims!Rodney was randomly abducted by aliens. He became pregnant with an alien baby and had messy morning sickness. Basically, I was clued into his pregnancy when he threw up in the bathroom. He also needed more sleep, more food, and more bathroom trips. Then he got the l33t green alien t-shirt and a bulge in his stomach, with the option to pet or talk to his belly. Example: Aiden talked to Rodney's unborn child. Everyone fears Rodney being taken away again, but one of Rodney's aspirations is to be abducted again. That is strange and unsettling.

I also made Elizabeth fall in love with Remington, the housekeeper. I'm trying to get the two of them to sex, but for now, I just have them flirting when John's doing something else. Elizabeth and John tried to have a baby. I don't know how that'll turn out, but we'll see.

I also unfortunately made Rodney and John fall in love, which was a Huge Mistake because Elizabeth saw them hugging romantically and got mad at them (she smacked both of them), and John got mad when Rodney and Teyla were making out (he yelled at them and smacked Rodney around, even though Rodney was pregnant). I also had Teyla and Elizabeth fall in love and sex in the hot tub, then later make out. Then I didn't save the game, so none of this interhouse falling in love would occur, which will be easier to manage and more fun. Otherwise, Rodney and Teyla would have to move out, and as amusing as Rodney having an alien baby is, I wouldn't pay any attention to them ('cause they aren't Elizabeth and John). Also, Aiden would be the odd man out again. =(

Now, this part
Rodney stayed at home a lot, mostly in his room. I installed one of the "fill all needs" paintings hack, so sometimes, I just let him use that instead of having him trek downstairs to eat. He also meditated a lot to conserve energy.

Both Aiden and Teyla are the only two with jobs. Aiden got one because he didn't have anything else to do. He started out a security guard, but he was promoted a few times and got new job hours. I thought Teyla was signing up for a business job (one of her aspirations), but no, I was mistaken. She started out as a body double, but now she's working as an actress for commercials. Her current gig is for fast food commercials, apparently. The hilarity! John and Elizabeth will never have jobs because I'm too preoccupied with them having random sex and making friends. Rodney was going to get a job, but he became pregnant.

There was an unfortunate fire in the computer room when Aiden tried to fix a broken computer. That room didn't have a fire alarm, so I didn't realize there was a fire until it'd gotten really out of control. Aiden got really burned, the poor boy. Teyla took out an extinguisher to control the blaze while Elizabeth phoned the fire station. Unfortunately, my game really slowed around this point, so I couldn't take screen shots. Anyway, Elizabeth, Teyla, Aiden, Rodney, and John all witnessed the fire and were freaking out. A fireman came and saved the day.

When the fire ended, poor Rodney had a mental breakdown and made funny faces, fell to the floor, looked around, etc. Poor dear. I was afraid he was going to have a miscarriage, but thankfully, that either isn't an option in the game or it just didn't happen. A shrink randomly appeared and made Rodney act like a chicken; he then cured Rodney of his insanity.

I sent Elizabeth, John, and Aiden to the community lots several times to meet people and make friends. As Elizabeth and John both aspire to have sex with 20 different Sims, they need to have the random Sims fall in love with them before they have illicit sex. Their social circles are quite large now, and Elizabeth has a few new crushes. Elizabeth even had sex with Remington (the housekeeper) twice in the hot tub. How erotic. Aiden made friends at work, too, and brought someone home. They all sat around in the hot tub and talked.

Then, the blessed event happened! Rodney went into labor! Everyone watched. Rodney gave birth to a healthy, green baby boy named Radek! *awwws* Rodney promptly put Radek on the floor, or dropped him, in order to make the bed. While Radek lay on the ground, Teyla (dressed for work) picked up the baby and held him. Radek thought of Teyla. But because Teyla had to go to work, Liz was given the baby. Liz fed Radek, cuddled him, played with him, and bathed him in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Rodney talked to a volleyball. Elizabeth then gave him Radek to hold. Rodney cuddled his baby boy. After I redesigned one of the guest rooms to be a nursery, Rodney put Radek in his crib and went into the bathroom to practice his charisma.

Soon, I shall go shopping for baby clothes and such.

Now, John and Elizabeth shots: John and Liz make out on their bed; John loves playing the guitar; and Elizabeth uses the hookah.
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